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Satta matka Result and Kalyan Matka Tips – Win Big with Us

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What is Satta Matka?

As the term says, ‘Matka’, the betting is done by tugging slips from a large pot. The game is completely based on stray number selection as well as bidding. Therefore, choosing the right number is the key to winning the game and become a satta matka King. This leads to a huge income for the winner as the winner takes the entire betting amount of the Kalyan Matka or Satta matka game.

The Beginning of Satta Matka

The game of Matka or Kalyan Matka originally started during the period of 1950s. During that time, people used to call it ‘Ankada Jugar’. This lottery game was well-known to people globally during the 1980s and 1990s and used to have a business turnover of more than INR 500 Crore each month. All this began in Mumbai, and Kalyan (a place near Mumbai), and is now spread all over the world, where millions of players bet on satta matka to earn huge.

How to Play Satta Matka Game?

The game of Satta Matka is a very simple lottery game. You have to just pick a number between 0 and 9. Numbers are picked and they are added to get a single digit, which can be used to create a set of numeric. It is further multiplied with the sum to get a result set. Another set is made using the same format and the winning numbers declared in the Kalyan Matka or Satta Matka Result are given the winning amount. At, we bridge the gap between the inexperienced players and the satta matka game.

Few Rules to Follow to Become a Satta Boss with!

If you want to become a Satta Matka King with the help of our Matka Result guessing forum,, you will also have to follow these rules, which can increase your chances to make you a Satta Matka winner. You can use and apply these Matka Result tips to your game whether you are an apprentice or expert player of Matka boss.

  • Play with fewer amounts – While playing Matka or Kalyan Matka, you should start your game with a lesser amount, which means a low-risk level. If you start playing with higher amounts from the very beginning, you will be playing satta matka at a higher risk rate. You should gamble with a limited amount, so that any loss, which has been incurred, can be recovered in the future games of Matka Satta. Our guessing experts will never let you incur huge losses and we have already recovered past losses of many players.
  • Set your Profit Targets – You should always set your profit target before playing the game. You can use the strategy of regressive profit methodology for winning the satta matka game more often than other players. Never be greedy while you are wagering.
  • Play as per Our Calculations – Always follow a one-way winning strategy and begin with the minimum betting amount in Matka or Kalyan Matka game. Once you get Satta Matka Result Numbers and Tips from our guessing forum at, you must place your bet for that number and wait for your chance of winning.

Our Expert Strategy of Matka Chart Calculation

Our expert team of Matka result guessers analyses previous Satta Matka charts. These charts help prepare 99% accurate tricks of the trade to make the right guessing of the Satta Matka game. Our website is well-grounded and offers the best and updated Kalyan panel chart, Mumbai chart, and much more for our gamers. We produce the best guesses after analyzing the gaming trends while going through the panel charts. With knowledge of the perfect gaming trend, our experts can make an informed decision about guessing the number and winning at Kalyan Matka or Matka game.

Play on Any Satta Matka Market with Our 100% Winning Tips provides expert guesses for all the satta matka markets. All you need is to choose the market as per your comfortable time and start playing.

Time Bazar

Time Bazar is an early market Satta Matka game during the day. It opens at 1:08 PM and closes at 2:08 PM. Only a few players play in this market, because of its early hours. You will get Time Bazar results daily. Time Bazar is not only a significant market but also the most popular Satta Matka market for the players.

Madhur Day

The Madhur Day Satta Matka market opens at 1:20 PM and closes at 2:20 PM. This market is also very popular within the satta matka game and a lot of players bet in the market to become a Satta King and earn huge. A lot of our players have won huge amounts by following our expert Satta Matka Result guesses in our guessing forum.

Milan Day

Milan Day Satta Matka market opens at 3:00 PM and closes at 5:00 PM. Due to its mid-afternoon and evening time, the market is crowded is many satta matka players, who try their luck on their lucky numbers to win huge in the Matka or Kalyan Matka game.

Rajdhani Day

Rajdhani Day is another popular market just like the Milan Day market in the Satta Matka game. The Rajdhani Day market opens at 3:25 PM and closes at 5:25 PM. A lot of players bet in the Rajdhani Day satta matka market and win a huge amount of money every day.


The Kalyan is one of the most famous markets in the Kalyan Matka game. The Kalyan Matka market opens at 3:45 PM and closes at 5:45 PM. In our guessing forum at, you will get accurate passes of Kalyan Matka to fix results and win huge in the Kalyan market.

Madhur Night

Madhur Night is a majorly player night market of the SattaMatka game. The Madhur Night opens at 8:38 PM and closes at 10:38 PM. Many players earn millions of Rupees with the help of our game fixes, which we provide at our guessing forum in

Milan Night

Milan Night sattamatka market opens at 9:05 PM and closes at 11:05 PM. Thousands of Satta Matka players play in the Milan Night market because it is conducted at the end of the day when most of the people get free from their work routine. At the end of the day, players get chances to earn huge profits in the Milan Night market.

Rajdhani Night

Rajdhani Night is a late-night Satta Matka market, which opens at 9:30 PM and closes at 11:45 PM. The market opens every day and it offers a great chance to the sattamatka players to earn lakhs of money by simply guessing a number of their choice and trying their luck. We provide you with result fixes so that you don’t have to test your luck and earn huge.

Get Weekly Jodi and Panna Charts at provides you with free ‘Weekly Jodi and Panna Charts’, for you at free of cost, with the help of which you can know the evergreen trick zones of the Kalyan Matka and Satta Matka Result. With these weekly Jodi and Panna charts, you can get perfect guessing of the Satta Matka Result in advance for a week. This chart can help you in recovering all your losses or earning huge in any market of the Matka game. Whether you play online, or offline, you can win a lot of money in the Matka game with the help of these charts on our website.

Golden Rule of Playing Matka and Kalyan Matka

We always suggest all our guessing forum users follow the golden rule of playing sattamatka, which can always help you in staying safe and earning huge. The golden rules are –

  1. Matka or Kalyan Matka is gambling and therefore, there can be situations when you can lose your bet amount. Always try to bet the money, which you can afford to lose. If you win, you can even get more than double.
  2. Don’t put all your savings into this game. Try to play with the amount which you are ready to put at risk.
  3. Avoid being greedy while you are putting a bet amount into the game of Kalyan Matka or Matka. Having greediness can make you trouble.

Be a Methodical Player and Double your Chances of Winning

If you are new to our Satta Matka Result guessing forum site, or if you are already winning huge amount with our expert guessing, still it is suggested that you follow some methodologies to double up your chances of winning in the future sattamatka games. Do you know about the one-way winning strategy? No? Don’t worry! We will guide you completely on a one-way winning strategy and how it can help you in the game of Matka. In this strategy, you will have to begin your bets with lesser amounts. Once you start winning on Satta Matka charts or Matka results, you can easily increase the amount of bet for the next game. You can also put half of the winning amount again into your bet because it will keep you safe. If you lose, you will lose an only half amount of your last winning bet, and if you win, you will again double up your profit. This strategy is very helpful for all sattamatka players, and a lot of players from our guessing forum have earned a huge amount following this strategy.

Never Take Risky Betting Without Knowing the Guess Number

We, at, provide you with Kalyan Matka and Satta Matka result in number fix passes to let you win a huge betting amount. But, we also suggest you, not to take any risky bets without knowing or buying the result numbers predictions from our guessing forum. If you blindly make your bets of a high amount, you can lose a huge amount and put yourself at financial risks and danger. The natural formula to earn well in the game of sattamatka is to keep your bets very simple. SattaMatka is a game where you get to win by choosing the lucky number, and our experts are there to do that. All you need is to join us and get the best Kalyan Matka and Satta Matka Result predictions.

Game Terminology Used in Matka Game You need to know the following terms which are used in the game of sattamatka so that you don’t face any type of difficulty while playing the game.

  1. Matka – Matka is the Hindi term for ‘pot’ which is used to draw the numbers for a bet of Satta Matka Result.
  2. Single – Any single digit between 0 and 9, which is picked to draw the results for a Kalyan Matka of sattamatka game.
  3. Jodi – Jodi is the Hindi term for pair. A pair of digits between 00 and 99 is the result and the lucky number wins the game.
  4. Patti/Panna – Patti and Panna are a couple of three-digit results. The one 3 digit number is drawn as a result of the winning bet.
  5. Open/Close – Satta Matka Result is always split into 2 components. The initial half part of the number is considered as Open Result and the second half of the split numbers is known as the Close Result of the sattamatka game.

Win Big at SattaMatka with Our Guessing Forum also hosts a guessing forum where you can get updated Satta Matka Result and Upcoming Result guesses. With these guesses, you can place your bets in the Kalyan Matka or sattamatka game can win a huge amount by becoming the Satta King! We have highly experienced guessing experts in our team, who have years of experience in predicting accurate numbers for the game and let the players win a lot of money and recover all their previous losses.

Why Choose

We provide exciting and beneficial offers for all the members who visit our website. We provide access to our guessing forum at, where you can get Jodi or Patti Kalyan Matka or Satta Matka Result predictions for both open and close games. Members will have access to all kinds of charts and bazars, including Milan, Rajdhani, Kalyan, etc. You should choose us because –

  1. You will be getting daily sattamatka tips and result passes for all bazar games.
  2. Patti and Jodi will be a guaranteed pass, which you can access from our guessing forum membership.
  3. Guarantee Chances are 100%, verified by our past and present players, who are winning huge with the help of You will get a fixed game every time from us, that’s our guarantee!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Satta Matka game?

It is a very popular gambling game where you can earn unlimited money by just guessing a number between 0 and 9. Whatever number comes in the draw, the correct guesses wins the game. It is played majorly in India and also other countries. It is a kind of betting, where you can win up to 90 times the betting amount. For example, if you have bet Rs.1000 on a game, if you win, then your winning amount can be up to Rs. 90,000.

How can I play the game?

You can play the in two ways, i.e. either online or offline. Many sites offer this betting game online, where you can put your bets and win huge money online. For offline, you will need to contact the game administrators. There are various game dealers, who hail mainly from Maharashtra state in India. You can find other dealers in Delhi and other metro cities. All the details can be availed through online search engines.

Who is Satta King? Can I become a Satta King?

Anyone who wins this betting game and wins a huge and the largest amount in the game is called the Satta King. You can also become a Satta King if you win the largest amount in the game. On our site,, we have assisted many players from all around the world to become a Satta King and win huge.

How many types of markets are there?

There are many types of this betting game timing, which are called markets. These markets are based on the opening and closing times of the bet. For example, there is Milan Morning, Sridevi, Madhuri, Time Bazar, Rajdhani Day, Kalyan, Milan Night, Main Bazar, Mumbai Royal Day, Ratan Night, New Bombay, Rajashree, Worli Mumbai, Super Bombay, Madhur Morning, and many more.

Do the markets open every day?

Yes, mostly the markets of this game open every day. It depends on the dealer. Many dealers open the market 5 days a week, i.e. except Saturday and Sunday, whereas many dealers open the market 6 days a week. Markets are generally closed on government/gazetted holidays, for example, Republic Day or Independence Day.

Who started this betting game?

The game was founded in Mumbai (old name is Bombay), Maharashtra, India. As per the history of the game, Ratan Khatri and Kalyanji Bhagat are known as the founders of the game, who originally originated the game. The game was discovered around the 1950s. After the 1990s, the game got big fame in the world of gambling. Now, players from all over the world play this game to win a lot.

Why the game is called Satta Matka?

The meaning of Satta is betting, and it is a Hindi word. Matka is also a Hindi word, which means pot. The name Satta Matka has been given upon the type of game. 10 numbers from 0 to 9 are put into a pot and a lucky draw is conducted. In this draw, the dealer takes a number out from the pot, and the number which has been picked is the winning number. People who play this game have to guess numbers to win the prize money.

Is there any formula for the calculation of the winning number?

There is no such formula to calculate the winning number. It is a complete game of guessing, where players have to guess a number for the lucky draw. However, there are many guessing experts, who know about calculating the winning number, but that is not based on any formula. These experts simply use Permutation/Combination and Probability concepts to guess the winning number.

Where can I find the guessing experts to take suggestions on the winning number?

We, at, have highly experienced guessing experts who serve their services to global players. With the help of the guessing numbers of our experts, a lot of players have won huge winning amounts in the game. We have an exclusive forum, where you can find these 100% working guessing numbers.

Can I predict a winning number for the game without the help of any guessing expert?

It is very hard to guess a number between 0 and 9 and win the game. Many players try to guess the numbers and win huge money, but as a result, most of them start losing a huge amount of money. Therefore, it is always suggested that you take the predictions from any guessing experts. On our site,, you can find these numbers, which can help you win the maximum amount of betting money.

How many types of games are there?

There are few types of games, where you can bet and win multiple times your actual bet amount. The main game types are – Single, Jodi, Patti/Panna, and Open/Close. There is a fixed amount of return of a bet amount in each of these games. For example, the Single-game has the highest multiple of the return of this betting game if compared to Patti/Panna or Open/Close.

Is there any minimum amount required to bet in this game?

No, there is no fixed minimum amount to bet in this game. The more you bet, the more you win. Similarly, the less you bet, the less you win. You can even start with Rs.100 or even place a bet of Rs.1000 to test your luck in this game. Millions of players bet different amounts to win and many of them win huge amounts.

When are the results declared?

The result of each game is declared instantly, once the game market closes. For example, if a market, Ratan Night, closes at 11 PM, the result of Ratan Night's winning numbers will be declared instantly after the closing of the market. You will not have to wait for long hours for the results to be declared.

What is Milan Morning?

Milan Morning is an early market of the Satta Matka game which opens at 10:15 AM and closes at 11:15 AM. Very few people play Milan Morning due to its early morning timing. It is similar to other game markets, with just ‘time’ being the difference. In this market also, a number is picked from the Matka and declared as the winning number or set.

How can I win the game?

If you guess the correct drawing number, you can win huge money in the game. To increase your chances of winning, it is suggested that you take our expert's suggestions, which are regularly posted in the guessing forum of our website, i.e. Our guessing experts have helped a lot of global players to win millions of winning amounts.

Can I recover my past betting losses with the help of

Yes, with the help of our website, i.e., you can also recover your past betting losses without any hassle. Our guessing numbers are more than 90% accurate, and therefore many players have not only won a huge amount of money but also recovered their past losses. If you have faced a huge loss, you can also recover them and win more money by joining us.

Disclaimer is neither an online gambling site nor it is involved in any kind of gambling activities. We respect and abide by the laws/rules of all the countries. This game may be banned in your country and we are not responsible if you are held for any illegal activities. Our results and predictions are purely based on numerology and astrology calculations. The content of the website is intended for information and education purposes and in no way represents an encouragement to gamble legally or illegally. The content of is not allowed to replicate, promote, or published to any type of media or other sources. Doing so will be considered illegal and will be against the law. You are requested to if you do not agree with our terms and accept our disclaimer.